Benjamin Benmoyal is the founder en artistic director ou the self-directed project « It was better tomorrow ». The collection is inspired by Benmoyal’s years in the army. After teaching himself to weave, he created handwoven, sustainable fabrics made of recycled cassette tapes and hand-dyed yarns. These include VHS tapes of his favourite childhood Disney films – to weave his lost youthful naivety into the future. Benmoyal spent his placement year investigating new methods for sustainable fabrics and collaborated with Eve Corrigan, CEO and Artistic Director of French textile company Malhia Kent to create 20 new sustainable fabrics for his final collection. The collection has been presented in september 2017 on the occasion of the LVMH ‘FUTURE LIFE’ event in Paris. In 2018, the creator won the prestigious LVMH Grand Prix Scholarships.