Maria Korkeila reimagines handcrafted punk aesthetics for men, women (and everyone in between and beyond). Following traditions of deconstruction and do-it-yourself, Korkeila proposes a vision where rich textures and spirited colors meet deviance and sensitivity. Korkeila’s field of expression is fluid, flowing from fashion to music and photography, and blending all of the above. Korkeila was educated at Aalto University, in Helsinki. Currently based in Paris, Korkeila has gained experience with houses such as Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Lutz Huelle, Anders Haal and Hyun Mi Nielsen. In 2017, Korkeila was awarded the Jury’s Special Mention at the renowned Festival d’Hyères, and showed a menswear collection at Pitti Uomo (Jan, 2018) in collaboration with Finnish heritage brand R-Collection. Korkeila was awarded the Young Talent of the Year at the Helsinki Design Awards in 2018. Korkeila’s infatuation with music started, like her visual expression, at a young age. Self-taught in electronic music she started to compose soundtracks for artists’ videos and installations in fine arts, moving on to an endless research into different genres and styles. Korkeila is currently working on an EP and is actively DJ’ing in Finland and in Paris. ‘In My Room’ is now open at Kämp Garden in Helsinki.